Jennifer Hummel

Jennifer Hummel

  • The Sprouted Path
  • Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Food and Spirit Practitioner
  • Lakeland, MN
  • 612-314-5685
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Nutritional Therapy takes the approach that everyone is bio-individual. Which means, what works great for one person, may not work as well for another. By listening to your story and your experiences, and then listening to your body (symptoms), I can help translate that message to let you know what your body needs and wants.

We will also explore your needs at an energetic level! Energy precedes matter. In other words, by communicating with the body at the cellular or energetic level allows us the opportunity to identify areas that are asking for support and answering the call through lifestyle changes, stress management, and nutrition. 

Even better, I am going to empower you to learn what your body is telling you and how to provide it with what it needs! All in a way that fits into your life-style!

Together, we will help you re-establish a partnership with your body

Nutritional therapy is a wonderful complement to alternative healing methods and conventional care! When we remove what is interfering with the body’s ability to function, and provide the building blocks of wellness, it can better process medications, supplements, and heal more effectively!