Anne Meyer

Anne Meyer


  • Pieces of Mind and Body
  • White Bear Lake, MN
  • 651-485-8432

Usui Reiki Master and Teacher — Member IARP

 University of Minnesota B.A.

SEND Institute Graduate

Color Personality Indicator (PCI) trained

Reiki is an amazing tool that can restore energy, relieve stress and anxiety, relieve pain, and boost the immune system.

I use my intuition to guide me in clearing the “energetic junk,” that might be blocking a persons  energy or causing them dis-ease or illness.  My goal for each session is to connect each person with the healer that resides within and give them more tools to live optimally. While I follow a basic protocol, each session is different, and tailored to the needs of my client. Each session is a learning experience for me, as well for my clients.

Techniques:  Reiki, Chakra clearing/balancing, Magnetic clearing, brushing and sweeping.  Also Ask & Receive (Radomski).

I was introduced to Reiki in 2006 and it has changed my life.  I was searching for alternatives to medication to reduce anxiety and stress.  I had no intention of making it my life’s work or even sharing it with anyone. But, after experiencing first hand, the growth and healing it has provided to me and my family, I knew that I must share this work.