Upcoming Classes with Kathie McMonagle:

April 16 – Could You Be an Empath? — Learn tools for using your ability to sense and feel the true emotions of another person, as well as protect yourself from feeling too much.

April 23 – Yes, I Am an Empath. Now What? — Gain a better understanding of the abilities you discovered in the April 16 class. Bring all your questions about empathy.

April 25 – Chakra Balancing — Open, balance, heal and connect your body’s energy centers while connecting to the universe and the earth.  Bring greater balance to your life!

May 1 – Discover Meditation — Meditation is a powerful, relaxing experience that allows the body, mind and spirit to align, heal, and thrive. You will be guided through a daily meditation and a Chakra (energy center) meditation.

May 8 – You Are What You Think — Create and practice affirmations, mantras and meditations to improve your health and meet your needs and aspirations.

May 13 – Cultivate Your Intuition — Learn to tap into your own natural intuitive abilities. Practice specific techniques to expand your awareness by using all of your senses. 

May 21 – Animal Totem Meditation — Many people believe that a person holds a connection with an animal or animals that act as guides in their life. Through guided meditation, discover the messages your animal guide attempts to convey.

All classes held at Gladstone Community Center, Room 108, 1945 Manton St., Maplewood MN 55109   6:30 – 8 pm   $29 per class.  

To register online, click on the calendar listing for the individual class.