Learn to create wellness in your body, mind, and spirit. These fun, experiential classes are held at Gladstone Community Center, 1945 Manton St., Maplewood MN 55109.  6:00-7:30 pm except as noted.  $29 per class.  To register, click on the course title on the October calendar page.

Oct. 1 – Your Inner Energy Healer
Discover your natural healing energy in this hands-on, interactive class. Learn basic healing techniques that you can utilize at home.
Oct. 3 – Cultivate Your Intuition
Learn to tap into your own natural intuitive abilities. Specific techniques will expand your awareness by using all of your senses.
Oct. 7 – Nurturing Your Natural Empathy
Empathy is the ability to sense and feel the true emotions of another person. Learn some tools that will help you utilize this gift as well as protect yourself from feeling too much.
Oct. 14 – Yes, I am an Empath. Now What?
You have discovered that you are an Empath. Now gain a better understanding of exactly what that means.  Prerequisite: Nurturing Your Natural Empathy (October 7)
Oct. 16 – Chakra Balancing
Chakras vitalize the physical body and develop self-consciousness. Discover ways to open, balance, heal and connect your chakras while connecting to the universe and the earth.
Oct. 22 – Encouragement Through Affirmations
Actions begin as ideas and goals, and affirmations help you attain your goals. In other words, you are what you think. With Kathie’s guidance, identify your goals and design an affirmation to help you align your thoughts and actions with your goals.
Oct. 24 – Discover Meditation
Meditation is a powerful, relaxing experience.  It brings clarity, deeper perception, and peace.  Learn the best way for you to meditate, integrate, balance, revitalize and thrive. You will be guided through a daily meditation and a Chakra (energy center) meditation.
Oct. 30 – Nature’s Guides **6:00-8:00 pm**
Nature will guide you with ancient wisdom if you take the time to sense it. Specific animals, plants, rocks, colors and places can bring you great insight. After learning about nature’s guides, meet your personal vanguards and listen to their messages during a special guided meditation that leads you on an outward and yet inward journey of communion with your native guides.